• Sales & Support coordinator

    Qualification :
    • MBA / Any Degree
    Job Description / Responsibilities :
    • Quote, Invoice, Providing accounting assistance on the sales and collect the amounts.
    • Attend to customers requests accurately and issue clear instructions to other departments.
    • Coordinate with Marketing, Production, Accounts and Distribution.
    • Deal politely and effectively with customers inquiries or complaints.
    • Contact customers and prospects to arrange appointments or to update them on the status of an order or a delivery.
    • Handle telephone calls or acknowledge customers e-mails or letters.
    • Handle incoming orders from sales representatives or via telephone, e-mail and online ordering.
    • Maintaining customer records.
    Required Skills :
    • Excellent administrative, clerical, record-keeping and computing skills.
    • Attention to detail.
    • Good interpersonal skills to deal with customers and collaborate with other departments in the company.
    • Excellent customer service skills.
    Exp. Required in Years : 2-3 Yr(s).
    Location of posting : Hyderabad.
    Type of Employment : Permanent full time.

  • Techno Marketing Executive

    Qualification : Graduate in Business Management or any other related field
    Graduation in Computer Engineering or Technology related studies (For Software product sales), Graduation in Media studies or Journalism (For advertising and Media Sales).
    Job Description / Responsibilities :
    • Maintain and develop good relationship with customers through personal contact or meetings or via telephone etc.
    • Must act as a bridge between the company and its current market and future markets.
    • Display efficiency in gathering market and customer info to enable negotiations regarding variations in prices, delivery and customer specifications to their managers
    • Help management in forthcoming products and discuss on special promotions.
    • Review their own performance and aim at exceeding their targets.
    • Record sales and order information and report the same to the sales department.
    • Provide accurate feedback on future buying trends to their respective employers.
    Desired profile of the candidate :
    • Strong Communication skills with strong business related knowledge.
    • The ability and desire for sales job with a confident and determined approach.
    • Should possess the skill to work both in team and also perform independently.
    • Should be capable of thriving in the competitive markets.
    • The candidate should have some work experience in facing the customers.
    Exp. Required in Years : 2+ years.
    Location of posting : Hyderabad.
    Type of Employment : Permanent full time.

  • Web Designer / UX Designer

    Qualification: Any Degree.
    Job Description / Responsibilities : WEB Designing / UX Design

    Should have UI designing experience using the below combination,

    HTML / HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript and Photoshop are Mandatory.

    Web developing skills in HTML / HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap / Foundation AngularJS JavaScript and JQuery.

    Knowledge in WordPress is added preferable.

    Web designing skills in Adobe Photoshop CS/CC, Illustrator CS/CC, Flash 8/CS, Dreamweaver CS/CC and Corel Draw.

    Should be able to work independently with minimum supervision. He / she can expect to receive a competitive remuneration package based on level of experience.


    Programming Coding experience in HTML5, CSS5 JavaScript and Photoshop are mandatory.

    Exp. Required in Years : 1-2 Years

    Location of posting : Hyderabad.

    Type of Employment : Permanent full time.

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